Nov 2, 2012 / 7 notes

Good news everyone. If you’re in the Seattle area come check out this year’s Short Run small press festival. This Saturday at the Vera Project. I will have two new books: Mr. Wolf, my first year teaching elementary school. I folded and stapled these books myself, people. Second is my 360-page collection of my mini-comics, Big Plans, and other short stories, including my story of paranoia and paranormal activity from Papercutter # 9 (Published by Bridge City Comics).

Also, next weekend I will be in Brooklyn for the BCGF. I have heard so many good things about both festivals and excited that I can finally be there. If you’re around come and say hello. I’ll even have Mr. Wolf buttons for sale.

  1. teachmoments said: Any chance you’ll be selling these online? As a fellow teacher/cartoonist, I’ve been really digging the Mr. Wolf stuff and would love to own a copy for myself.
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